"If only there were more hours in the day."

I used to say this to myself all the time.  
I was convinced I just needed a little extra time to tackle my to-do list. 
Or a new planner to fine-tune my time management skills.
But no matter how many planners I purchased or how many all-nighters I pulled, nothing changed.
I still felt crushed by competing deadlines.
I cancelled plans last minute, because I had too much on my plate. 
I woke up early.  I worked late. 
I thought if I could just work harder, I’d get there.  I’d get it all done.
The higher-ups would be happy.  Which meant I could be happy, having finally received their approval.
Turns out . . .

You can't hustle your way to happiness.

Believe me . . . I tried.
If this sounds familiar, here’s what I want you to know.  Through all of that trying, I learned something they don’t teach you in law school.

The solve for stress isn't time management.

It’s mind management. 
That’s right.  You don’t need a new planner.  You need a new plan.  
One where your well-being, not your work-load, gets to be the top priority.  
Sounds impossible?  It’s not.  I’ll show you.  
I work solely 1-on-1 with attorneys who are over the overwhelm.  I help them start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment.