Over the overwhelm?

Want a life with less stress and far more fulfillment?

Come claim it.

The wait is over. Lawyers Only — my signature weekly coaching membership for… you guessed it… lawyers only — is opening for enrollment.

It’s gonna teach you everything law school, your employers and your parents never taught you.

Everything you need to know to live a life with less stress and far more fulfillment.

I’m Olivia Vizachero.

A former lawyer turned life coach for lawyers. 

Now why’s that so important?

It means I get it. It means I intimately understand what your life is like. Because I lived it. Which is why I’m uniquely qualified to help you. 

Listen, I am not your therapist. That’s why you’ll LOVE working with me.

Because I understand the ins and outs of pretrial litigation. I know what an M&A closing requires of you. I know law firm life. I get the love/hate relationship everyone has with the billable hour. And entering your time.

I know what it takes to write a motion for summary judgment. How your firm’s compensation structure works. And what you need to do to make partner. 

I get the struggle in-house lawyers face trying to find the middle ground between mitigating risk and running a profitable business.

I understand it all. Because I’m a lawyer. And my clients are lawyers.

Which means I have thousands of hours of experience coaching attorneys just like you on the exact same problems as the ones you’re dealing with right now. 

Also, everything I coach my clients on? I use on my own life. I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk. Every single day. Which means I’ve already made the mistakes so I can show you how to avoid them. 

Which saves you time and strife.

I’ve stopped people-pleasing. I’ve overcome my own perfectionism. I’ve stopped procrastinating. I’ve set boundaries. I’ve learned to say no. I’ve mastered the art of setting goals and achieving them. I lead by example. I’ve gone first. So I know what works and what doesn’t. And I guide you from experience, not just theory. So what I teach you is tried and true. It works.

I am not your therapist. I am a life coach. Which means the work we do together? It isn’t just talk therapy.

We solve problems. We strategize. We make plans.  And implement.

You learn tools and tactics. You get answers and solutions. And we focus on the future. Not the past.

Don’t get me wrong. Therapy can be great. But therapy isn’t what my clients are looking for when they come work with me. They’ve either already tried it and they didn’t get what they wanted out of it. Or it was good but had limitations. Or they skipped it all together because they knew right off the bat that it wasn’t what they were looking for.

Because they’re looking for more than just someone to listen. They want someone who is going to help them get to the next level. 

Someone who is going to teach them what they don’t know. Someone who is going to help them navigate what life throws at them. Someone who will coach them when they’re in the thick of it. 

They want someone who gets it. Someone who intimately knows their industry. Someone who has experienced it firsthand. Someone uniquely qualified to help them.

Someone like me.

You’re going to love working with me.

Inside Lawyers Only.

It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what makes Lawyers Only unique

We don’t just address the problems in one area of your life. We fix all of it.

We cover everything personal and professional. Because there’s no such thing as work life balance. The two aren’t separate from each other. You have ONE WHOLE LIFE. And work is a part of that. So, in Lawyers Only, we cover it all. 

Now you might be thinking how on earth can one program tackle every challenge?

It’s simple. Inside Lawyers Only you will learn a problem solving framework that applies to every problem you’re presented with, every challenge you face.

One process. Every problem.

Not only will you learn this problem solving framework, inside Lawyers Only you’ll also learn how to…

These are the essential skills you need to develop to thrive personally and professionally.

The skills law school, your employers and your parents never taught you.

Which is why it makes sense that you’re struggling.

It’s hard to be good at something you’ve never been taught.

But that’s what Lawyers Only is for.

It’s your one-stop shop for learning everything you need to know to go from having a career and life you merely tolerate to ones that you love.

What's Included...


The regular cost for a Lawyers Only membership is $150 per month.

But you can sign up for an annual subscription and save.

If you join Lawyers Only as an Annual Member, you can get a yearly membership for $1,500 (paid in full). And not just for your first year. You’ll lock in that annual price for life (so long as you remain an active member).

You want to know why I left the law to become a life coach? The answer is simple. I started working with a coach because I wanted to feel better. 

>> Less stressed. More fulfilled. 

>> Less guilty. More assured. 

>> Less inadequate. More proud. 

>> Less worried. More certain. 

>> Less angry. More accepting. 

>> Less resentful. More understanding. 

>> Less dissatisfied. More determined. 

>> Less overwhelmed. More capable. 

>> Less helpless. More in control. 

And feel better I did. Because I learned a different way to operate. I learned how to manage my mind so I could manage my life.

But as I started to feel better, I began to notice something. Almost everyone around me was struggling in one way or another. And because of what I had learned, I knew I had a way to help them. I knew I had to become a coach.

I had to let lawyers know that…

Decide right now to opt out. 

And let me help you do it. 

There’s a better way to practice law than what’s been modeled for you.

Join me inside Lawyers Only and let me show you.

Here’s what my clients have to say…

There’s one more thing I want you to know.

Back when I was in BigLaw…

Struggling with time management…



Scrambling to keep it all together…

And desperately trying to outrun the anxiety tiger I constantly felt was chasing me… 

I sought some guidance from a few of my department’s higher-ups.

And here’s what they told me.

“You just have to do better.”

The only problem? I didn’t know how.

I didn’t know how to plan my schedule accurately.

To assess and communicate my capacity.

To honor the plan when I made one. 

I didn’t know how to say no. 

Or set boundaries. 

Or stick to the ones I did set. 

I didn’t know how to get organized. 

Or create routines.

Or simplify my life. 

I didn’t know how to make decisions and not second guess them. 

I didn’t know how to delegate.

Or ask for help when I needed it.

And I really didn’t know how to stop martyring myself. 

And start making myself and my well-being my top priority.

And here’s the thing, my colleagues…

My supervisors…

Even my mentors…

They didn’t know how to teach me. 

Because they’re either inherently good at it or they were like me and struggled too.

And let me assure you…

There’s more people who struggle with issues I listed above than those who don’t.

Because law schools and law firms don’t teach us these things.

Neither do in-house legal departments or government agencies.

They don’t teach us the skills we need to THRIVE. 

So, I had to search for the solutions myself.

After searching high and low, I finally found them. 

Through coaching. 

Since then, I’ve made it my life’s work to master them. 

So I can teach them to you.

So you don’t have to struggle and try to solve this all alone like I did.

Mastery? Done.

Now it’s time for me to teach you what you need to know to THRIVE too.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do inside Lawyers Only — my signature weekly coaching membership for… you guessed it… lawyers only. 

Perhaps you’ve tried some things on your own with varying degrees of success. 

Maybe you’re discouraged. Or confused. Or just plain stuck. 

I get it. 

I see you. 

I’ve been you. 

And here’s what I know…

If you keep telling yourself you “just have to do better”…

You don’t need a new planner.

You need a new plan.

A plan for how you’ll solve the problems you’re facing.

Do you have one?

If you don’t, you’ll be in the same spot a year from now.

Still struggling the same way you are now. 

Because doing what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

So doing more of that will never get you where you want to go.

Ultimately, it boils down to this…

Change requires change.

Don’t spend another year not knowing what changes to make.

Don’t waste any more time wishing you had answers you’ve never been given and solutions you’ve never been taught.

Get help from someone who knows how to help you. 

Take a tangible step towards better.

Asked & Answered

There is no maximum to the number of people that will be on each call. The purpose of this group is to create a community within the legal community–a place for attorneys to come to learn all of the essential skills they need to develop to thrive in this profession. As such, my goal is for every lawyers to supplement their legal education and professional development with this program. To be a part of it all throughout their career to they always have the support they need at every stage in the game. With that in mind, Lawyers Only will start out and grow from hundreds of attorneys to thousands and beyond.

They will be a mix of teaching, workshopping, and coaching. Some calls I will teach a concept and we will discuss the concept as a group. Other times you will be able to bring a problem you are struggling with and we will work through it together.

Every attorney is welcome here. Whether you’re in BigLaw, in MidLaw, at a boutique firm, are a solo practitioner, work in-house, work for the government, it does not matter. You belong here. It doesn’t matter where you practice or what you practice, Lawyers Only is for you.

No. Whether you’ve been practicing for three years or thirty, Lawyers Only is for you. This program will teach you the skills you need to thrive no matter how long you’ve been practicing. As they say, new levels bring new devils. You’ll learn how to navigate all of them here.

No. Lawyers Only is only for attorneys actively engaged in the practice of law. Law students or folks in legal adjacent positions are also not a fit for this program.

So much more. There are three main differences between listening to the podcast and being in Lawyers Only. First, when you’re listening, you are consuming. In Lawyers Only, you’re going to learn how to apply what I teach. And it’s the application that’s actually going to move the dial and make a difference on how you feel, what you do, and the results you create. Second, you can’t see your own blind spots, nor can you teach yourself what you don’t know. That’s why you want to work with a coach–someone who has the knowledge you want to learn and who can identify your blind spots that you can’t see yourself. Third, when you join the program you’ll get individual support tailored to your exact situation. Whether you get coached on the weekly calls or you submit a coaching request inside the Member Portal, you’ll be able to get guidance on your exact issue instead of taking a general concept and trying to figure out how it applies to your situation all by yourself.

Over the overwhelm?

Want a life with less stress and far more fulfillment?

Come claim it.