Episode 40: Getting to Know Yourself

The Less Stressed Lawyer with Olivia Vizachero | Getting to Know Yourself

Do you know yourself? Getting my clients to know and like themselves is a huge part of the work we do together, and if we find anything that is out of alignment for them, anything that is incongruent with who they want to be, then we can solve for that. So, let me ask you: who are you, and do you like who you are?

It’s hard to like yourself if you don’t truly know who you are. But many of us are so out of touch with ourselves because we’ve put everyone else’s needs before our own for our whole lives. So, in today’s episode, I’m showing you how to put the focus back on yourself, so you can stop bypassing what you want and neglecting yourself and instead tune into who you really want to be.

Join me on the podcast this week to truly get to know yourself. I’m sharing all of the ways that being out of touch with who you are shows up, how you might be distracting yourself from deeply knowing who you are, and I’m giving you all the questions you need to ask yourself to discover who you really are.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why knowing who you are is so powerful.
  • Some of the reasons why you might not know yourself as well as you should.
  • How to see the ways that you’re neglecting yourself and who you really want to be.
  • Why deeply getting to know yourself will bring up some emotional discomfort, and that’s okay.
  • The kinds of events that lead us to fundamentally change as people.
  • Why being alone provides you the most valuable perspective on who you really are.
  • How to ask yourself the important questions so you can truly get to know yourself and spend your time in the way you want.

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Full Episode Transcript:

You’re listening to The Less Stressed Lawyer podcast, Episode 40. Today, we’re talking all about getting to know yourself. You ready? Let’s go.

Welcome to The Less Stressed Lawyer, the only podcast that teaches you how to manage your mind so you can live a life with less stress and far more fulfillment. If you’re a lawyer who’s over the overwhelm and tired of trying to hustle your way to happiness, you’re in the right place. Now, here’s your host, lawyer turned life coach, Olivia Vizachero.

Hi, my friends. How are we doing today? Are you gearing up for the holiday season? I definitely am. I haven’t done any of my shopping yet, but I started, a couple years ago, taking the last two weeks of December off every year. And, it has been a game changer. I push really hard. I get a lot accomplished before the end of the year. I’m really productive. I get all my ducks in a row. And then, I take a full two weeks off; it is super luxurious.

I just get to unwind and decompress, and go through the holidays without all of the chaos that you normally encounter when you’re trying to do everything all at once. And I know that you guys would benefit from an episode on how to survive or handle the holidays, juggling both work and family and friend obligations, and all that good stuff. So, I’m going to talk about that next week’s episode.

But in this week’s episode, I really wanted to talk about getting to know yourself. This came up for me in response to a client of mine. She listened to one of my podcast episodes, I think it’s called “Indulging in I Don’t Know;” it’s one of the earlier episodes. And she had said to me, during one of our sessions, she said Olivia, “I know I’m supposed to know what I want. I know I’m supposed to have the answer to that. But I really don’t know.”

I do believe, we do always know, deep down, what we want. But when you don’t know yourself, you have a really hard time accessing that inner wisdom. So, this is like a precursor to being able to answer that question: What do I want? What do I not want? Separate and apart from that though, it is just really wonderful to know yourself, to know who you are.

Because it is really hard to like who you are, if you don’t know who you are. And one of the things I’m always working with my clients on is getting them to know and like the person that they are. And if there’s anything that’s out of alignment, that they don’t like, they’re acting in a way that’s incongruent with who they are, with who they want to be, we want to solve for that.

So, we want to figure out; who you are? Who aren’t you? And, do you like who you are? Now, you may be wondering, what leads to us not knowing who we are, right? What gets us so out of touch with ourselves that we don’t really know our preferences, we don’t really know our likes and dislikes, we don’t really know ourselves.

One of the contributing factors to this is that we put everyone else’s needs before our own. And when you do that, when you’re so concerned with everyone else in your world and less concerned with yourself, you stop knowing yourself. Because you’re bypassing what it is that you prefer, what it is that you want, in order to take care of everyone else’s needs first, right?

You neglect yourself; you abandon yourself. And when you do that, you turn off that part of you that’s checked in and tuned in with what you like, and who you are, and what you want.

Another reason or contributing factor that you’re not in touch with who you are and what you want, and feel like you don’t know yourself, is if you’re doing a lot of buffering. I’m going to cover a whole episode on buffering. I actually am doing a webinar this Friday, on how to stop tolerating and change your life. And, I’m going to talk a ton about buffering.

Because one of the ways that we tolerate our lives and all the things in our lives that we don’t like, is by buffering. Buffering is any action that you take, that provides you with instant gratification and allows you to avoid that temporary instant discomfort. So, drinking too much, eating too much, scrolling on social media, smoking, spending money. I used to travel as a buffer. Sleeping, watching Netflix, all those things, right?

So, if you’re doing any activity that numbs you or distracts you from yourself and from your life, if you’re doing a lot of that, you’re really not going to be in touch with yourself because you’re numbing the things that you don’t like; you’re just out of touch with who you are.

All those distractions really prevent you and inhibit you from ever truly knowing yourself. Especially, if you buffer to avoid boredom. When you avoid boredom, you really stop yourself from knowing yourself at the deepest levels, and figuring out what you like and what you dislike. When you’re doing a ton of buffering and you’re seeking that instant gratification, you’re not in tune with what you’re thinking and feeling.

You’re literally doing the behavior in order to avoid what you’re thinking and feeling. So, when you’re avoiding what you’re thinking and feeling, of course, you’re not going to know yourself. Because knowing yourself is knowing what you’re thinking and feeling, right?

Understanding why you’re doing the things that you’re doing, which of course, are driven by the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you feel. Or, the feelings that you’re actually trying to resist, avoid, or you’re reacting to, right. So, we want to put you back in touch with what you’re thinking and feeling.

Now, if that sounds scary, if you’re like, “Olivia, I don’t like to be alone with myself. I don’t like what it’s going on up in my head.” I promise you, it’s safe for you to explore; it won’t kill you. You really want to drop that narrative, and rewrite that part of the story that you’re telling about yourself. It is okay for you to be alone with your thoughts. It’s okay for you to be alone with your feelings.

You do want to get intimate with yourself, and know those things about yourself. Because if some of them aren’t good, we want to tweak that and we want to remedy that, so you can feel better and you can take action that supports the life that you want to have. Also, it’s okay to think negative thoughts and feel negative feelings sometimes, that’s part of the human experience.

So, this isn’t getting to know yourself so it’s all rainbows, daisies, and sunshine. It’s okay if some of what you find is negative. We’re constantly a work in progress. We’re constantly improving, we’re ever evolving. You want to know the good, and the bad. I don’t even want to use the term “bad” because it’s not really bad, it’s just your nuance, right? We want you knowing your nuance.

Now, the last reason you may not know yourself, or be in tune with what you like and what you dislike, and who you are, is maybe you’ve gone through a recent transition; something really drastic has happened recently. Maybe, you’ve lost a loved one, or you’ve changed jobs, or you’ve lost a job, or you’ve gotten divorced, or anything like that, right?

Maybe you’ve moved and you feel disconnected from your past self. You’re like, “I don’t know this new version of me. I don’t know what that version of me is like. Who is this person?” Then, we want to start exploring and get you knowing this new version of you. Okay?

Now, one of the first things you want to start doing, in order to get to know yourself, is you’ve got to spend time with yourself. Because if you’re constantly distracted by other people, and you’re in another person’s company at all times, you never really get to explore yourself and go into that head of yours. Figure out what you like and what you dislike, and who you are, and what you want.

And you never have that opportunity, that chance to ask and answer any of those questions, because you’re just constantly on and engaging with the other person, right? You never get to take that internal inventory. So, if you’re going to embark on this journey of getting to know yourself, and I highly recommend that you do, I think this is the work of our lifetimes; is to intimately know ourselves better and better and better and better, with each day, with each month, with each year.

If you’re going to embark on that journey of self-discovery, of self-knowing, you’re gonna have to spend time with yourself. Now, you can of course, do this in the privacy of your own home. Carve some time out, maybe where you journal, you sit with yourself, you meditate, you ask and answer some of the questions that I’m going to pose to you in a second. That’s one way to do this.

I also highly encourage you to get out into the world on your own. I recently published a post on social media all about being independent. I talked about my own experience with being independent, and spending time with myself. Every Friday, typically, I take myself out to eat and I go all by myself. I have a couple favorite spots in the city of Detroit, which is where I’m based. And I go and just eat dinner by myself. I treat myself normally to a really wonderful meal.

I just sit there, and I spend time with me. I get to do whatever I want. I get to go wherever I want. I get to order whatever I want. And, I get to interact with other people. Sometimes, it’s the people that work at the restaurant. Other times, it’s random strangers that sit next to me. Or, they’re nearby and I just get to mix and mingle, and like really enjoy my own company. It’s like dating yourself.

I also travel alone a ton. In fact, most of the travel I do is traveling by myself. And that time that I get to spend alone with myself is so informative, too; I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. And, it is just so decadent being able to do that. And you’ve learned so much about your preferences; about what you like, about what you don’t like, about what you enjoy doing, what you don’t enjoy doing, where you’d like to go, who you like to be when you’re there.

You really get to make up your mind and just explore the world, while exploring yourself. Now, those are two ways that I explore myself and get to know myself; I spend time with myself, out eating, out traveling. And maybe, you want to do an activity by yourself. Or, you want to go to the movies by yourself, or you want to go to the library by yourself, whatever the case may be.

Just be out in the world by yourself. It’s really going to give you that opportunity to start being in closer conversation with yourself. How many times can I say “yourself” in this episode, guys? Bear with me, okay? Now, if spending time alone with yourself, especially out in public, seems terrifying, I really want to encourage you to gag-and-go through that discomfort and feel your negative feelings, and do this anyways.

It’s really transformative to become a person who can be in the world completely by themselves, and enjoy their own company. So, you’re just going to practice doing that; spending time all by yourself. If you have really strong resistance to doing this, I want you to make a list of the negative emotions that you think you’ll have to feel if you forced yourself to do this.

Are you going to have to feel embarrassed? Are you’re gonna have to feel awkward? Maybe exposed, maybe judged by other people? A lot of people that talk to me, who are resistant to doing this, being out in the world by themselves and doing things solo, they’re so worried about what other people are going to think of them. So, if that’s you, you’re gonna just have to feel a little judged, exposed, and embarrassed.

Or, maybe misunderstood. You’re gonna have to let other people have an opinion of you. I promise you; they really don’t care that you’re out in the world on your own. In fact, a lot of people who see me out in the world on my own, whether it’s eating out or traveling alone, they really admire it. They’re really curious and intrigued by the fact that I’m able to do that. I tend to inspire other people when I’m out in the world in that way.

I end up meeting a lot of wonderful people and we talk about it. I think I inspire them and give them the boost of confidence that they might need, in order to do it themselves. You can be an example of what’s possible for someone else if you do this. You are just sprinkling a little bit of value into the world if you decide to show up all by your lonesome out in the world.

So, make that list of negative emotions. Get really clear on the feelings that you’ll be forced to feel. And then, get clear on the thoughts that you’re thinking that would cause you to feel those feelings, right? You want to find that thought and feeling combo, those T and F pairs.

When you find those thoughts and feelings, I want you to do two things: Number one, just ask yourself; what else could I think here? What else might be true? And then, I want you to ask yourself; what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst thing that can happen is that you’re going to feel a feeling. And you’ve survived every feeling you’ve ever felt, all the good ones and all the bad ones. So, if you have to experience a little discomfort in order to get to know yourself, I promise you, it’s worth the price of admission.

Alright, gag-and-go through that discomfort; you’re going to be just fine. And then, you’re going to become someone who’s so much more confident, so much more independent. Really able to do whatever you want on your terms, which is so empowering.

So, the reward here is a really amazing payoff for just a tiny little bit of discomfort. I highly recommend and encourage that you give this a try. You can start small. Go sit in a coffee shop for a little bit by yourself, rather than a whole meal. Or, grab a drink before having dinner by yourself. Like, that’s fine, you just get to take baby steps.

But spend more and more time alone with yourself. Take a small trip first. Maybe, just drive somewhere for the day. Go spend the day in a new city. And then, you can take a flight by yourself. Then, you can travel throughout the U.S. Maybe, go to someplace you’ve already been before, so it’s a little bit more familiar to you, and maybe not as intimidating.

And then, you can amp it up just a little by little every single time you do that. So, maybe one day, you’re taking, you know, a European vacation or an excursion someplace really remote, all by yourself, if you want to. But you don’t have to start there, just start with baby steps, start small.

Now, the first question to getting to know yourself that I want you to start with is; what do I like? I want you to start to figure out what you like and what you dislike. Whenever I give this homework to clients, I always talk to them about the movie Runaway Bride.

I don’t know if you’ve seen that rom-com, it’s with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. She gets engaged to a bunch of different men, and then she leaves them at the altar. Trying not to do any spoiler alerts for those of you who haven’t seen it; it’s actually pretty good rom-com.

One of the things that she does, with all of these fiancés of hers, is that she steals their egg order. So, every time she dates and gets engaged to a new person, she orders her eggs the same way that they order theirs. And Richard Gere, at some point in the movie, calls her out on this. He’s like, “You don’t even know what kind of eggs you like.”

And it’s true, she doesn’t know what kind of eggs she likes. She changes that constantly, just based off of other people. And to kind of be easy, breezy, and go with the flow. Just to not ruffle any feathers or be disagreeable in any way. Maybe, that really resonates with you.

Maybe you hide your preferences, or don’t know what you like, because you’re just always trying to be easy, breezy, and go with the flow, and keep the peace and be agreeable, right? Putting other people’s needs and wants and desires before your own, like I talked about a second ago.

And in the movie, she goes through this, like self-discovery process. One of the things she does, while she’s on that self-exploration journey that she takes, is she orders all different types of eggs. She tries each and every one of them, to find out which ones she likes and which ones she doesn’t like. And through that process, she discovers that all of the egg orders that she had been previously ordering, she didn’t prefer any of those. She actually liked something completely different.

I think this is so fun. You get to do this with things in the world, too. So, it can be food that you think that you don’t like; maybe you do, maybe you don’t, right? Maybe, you have some preconceived notions about things that you think you wouldn’t like, but you’ve never even tried them before.

I think we get a lot of that from our parents; we tend to pick up our parents preferences. And then, a lot of us never question them, we just kind of run with it. I also did this recently, not just with food, I’ve done this quite a bit with food; questioning things that I thought that I never liked. And oysters is a good example. I love oysters and my mom hates them, so I thought for the longest time, that I didn’t like them. And it turns out, I really do.

I also did this with music. A couple years ago, I stumbled upon one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, which if you’ve never watched one of those, they’re really good; I highly recommend them. They do like a little background documentary, and the band performs, or the artist performs. It’s really good. It exposes you to maybe a lot of music that you hadn’t otherwise heard.

You get to learn about the artists and how they came to get where they are today, so it’s just really informative. And if you’re as curious as George, like I am, and you really like to learn, I think you would really like these induction ceremonies.

So, the first one that I watched; Stevie Nicks was getting inducted for her solo artist career. And for the longest time, I had been telling myself that I didn’t like Fleetwood Mac. And the only reason that I was telling myself that is because my mom doesn’t like Fleetwood Mac. I had just grown up with that narrative my whole life.

So, I questioned that. I learned a little bit more about Stevie Nicks, and the time that she came up and really how talented she is. And being in a really male dominated music industry at the time that she came up, and being inspired by Janis Joplin and all this stuff. I was just so fascinated. So, I started listening to a ton of music and turns out, I don’t love all Fleetwood Mac, but I like some of it.

That started to open my mind to, maybe there are other performing artists that I think I don’t like but that I actually like; and Nirvana is one of them. I thought for the longest time, I don’t know why, it’s based on nothing, that I didn’t like Nirvana. Then, I listened to Nirvana. I just spent a whole day listening to Nirvana, and turns out I like some of their stuff.

So, I’ve been doing this with random things; food, music, books, maybe movies that you hadn’t seen, but you just kind of predisposed, decided, that, “Oh, I wouldn’t like that.” If there are things like that for you, you just have this idea like, “Oh, I’ve never tried that before, but I know I won’t like it,” I want to encourage you to try it. See for yourself; you might have changed your mind.

You also may have tried something in the past, but your preferences can change over time. So, maybe you didn’t used to like it and you like it now. This question, what do I like? And, what don’t I like? They’re really simple questions, but they’re super impactful. Mainly, because if you find yourself spending your time or doing all of these things that you don’t actually prefer, that’s such good intel to have.

Because we want to start making changes, in order to get to living a life that you do prefer, right? Rather than, one where you spend all of your time doing shit you hate; that’s not fun for anyone. It’s truly no way to go through life. I am on a mission to help people live lives that they’re obsessed with; to live lives on their terms. And if you’re spending all of your time doing shit you hate, you absolutely aren’t doing that.

So, we’ve got to get you figuring out what you like and what don’t you like. And if you’re spending your time doing a lot of things that you don’t like, we really want to start to dig deep and find out why, and figure out what you would like instead, so we know what to pivot to. You can ask this question; what do I like? Or, do I like this? It’s another way to start to find out what you like and what you don’t like.

You get to ask yourself that question as often as you want. You can do it all throughout your day. You can bring that question with you to every situation you encounter. I’ve taught you guys, in a previous episode, all about making decisions ahead of time. And one of the ways that you get to start making decisions ahead of time is by figuring out what you like. And then, you just decide, I’m doing that going forward. Right?

Like, I like sitting in the right-hand aisle seat on an airplane. It’s because I’ve gone through life, and I figured it out. I don’t like any of the other seats. I don’t like sitting by the window. I absolutely hate sitting in the middle. I don’t like sitting on the left side of the plane. I know that makes me weird. It’s fine. But I have a preference, right?

I’ve also, this is a recent change, I’ve really loved flying first class. It’s much nicer than flying any other way. So, that’s a new preference. And it’s worth it to me to splurge on a first-class ticket because I really do enjoy the traveling adventure experience so much more.

I could probably end this episode with just giving you that question: To constantly ask yourself; What do I like? Do I like this? Do I not like this? What don’t I like? Just that body of questions, right there. But I’m not going to. I want to give you some more questions.

You can really take getting to know yourself to the deepest level, so you can get really clear on who you are. Another question that I ask clients of mine a lot is what do you like about yourself? And it always breaks my heart when they have a really hard time answering this question. They’ll either immediately default to saying, “Nothing,” which is just devastating to me.

That’s not me judging that answer, we’re just going to work on it during our work together. If you feel like you don’t like anything about yourself, I promise you, you do, you’re just not used to having this conversation with yourself. So, we have to build that muscle. I actually make my clients make lists of the things that they like about themselves.

I normally tell them that they need to write down 10 different characteristics or qualities that they like about themselves, each, and every day. And they’re like, “Ten? You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s so many.” I’m like, “Yeah, 10. You’re gonna write 10 different things, every single day. I don’t care how big they are. I don’t care how small they are.”

I want you to do the same thing, pick 10 things, every single day, that you like about yourself. As you answer this question, you’re gonna start to figure out who you are, and who you aren’t. Right? You get to ask yourself the questions; what are my strengths? And then of course, the corollary, right? What are my weaknesses? I want you to know both of those things; not just one or the other. Right?

I know, it isn’t always fun to explore your weaknesses, but you want to be intimately aware of what they are. And I want to encourage you, judging yourself for having them is optional. So, don’t do it. Leave the judgment alone. All right?

Just answer that question from a really curious place: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? We all have weaknesses, that’s part of the human experience. It’s not a problem, you just want to intimately know what they are, because it’s part of knowing who you are. You’re a dynamic creature, right? Your nuances are what makes you interesting. And some of those are going to be your flaws or your foibles. Right?

Another amazing question for you to start to answer is what do you value? What do you believe in? What don’t you believe in? What don’t you value? What do you want more of? And, what do you want less of? Those are two really great questions too, in addition to just knowing what you want. Which is part of this self-exploration journey, thinking about what do you want more of in the future?

I always ask that question when I’m talking about setting 2023 goals, or any new year goals; what do you want more of next year? And then, what do you want less of? A fun inquiry, what are you proud of? Of all the things that you’ve done, what do you consider your greatest achievements, your greatest accomplishments?

What are you afraid of? What do you worry about? I think those two questions are so powerful for me. One of the things that I really worry about is not spending enough time with my family. I tend to put my head down and I focus a ton on my business, and I travel quite a bit.

And I love those parts of my life, but I’m an only child. And I’m cognizant that like, my parents will not be here forever. And, that makes me sad. That makes me worry. I’m scared that I won’t get to spend all the time that I want to spend with them. And knowing the answer to that question informs a lot of what I do.

So, I make a really intentional effort to spend time with them. I go out to their house, I visit them, we go to dinner pretty frequently. And I think these questions, and my answers to it, offer an example to you that the answer to what seemingly might appear to be a negative question doesn’t have to be a negative answer, right?

It’s actually a really amazing answer. It’s a really powerful answer, to have to know and understand what it is you’re afraid of, what you’re worried about, so you can solve for it, if possible.

Here’s another set of questions that I love: When have you been the happiest? And, when have you been the most unhappy? Think about those memories, let them be instructive for you. What do you learn from going through and auditing the experiences that you’ve had, that you’ve been really happy about? Or, the ones that you’ve been not so happy about? Right?

Another really fun exercise is just to answer the question; what’s your favorite…? And then, insert the blank, whatever the noun is, right? Just to really explore yourself and understand what your favorite things are. Or, you can do this with the least favorite things. So, sort of akin to what you like and what you don’t like. But I really want you to get specific about your favorites of stuff.

Here’s another awesome question: What do people not know about you? What do you know about yourself that you haven’t shared with others, that other people don’t know? And, what do you want people to know about you? One of the really important benefits about getting to know yourself very intimately is that you get to choose to let other people know who you are, as well.

But that only is possible once you know who you are, and who you’re not. Right? I think this is so important. So many of the people that I work with, and a former version of myself, really felt unknown, and unseen, and really alone, right? When you don’t know who you are, no one else gets to know who you are either. And, that is a really isolating, lonely experience.

So, if you want to feel better, if you want to feel more connected to people, if you want to feel known and seen and understood, something that I believe all of us crave, you have to know who you are in order for other people to know who you are. This process starts with you.

Another fun question to answer is what do you wish was different about you? What would you like to change if you had a magic wand, and could? What would you alter? What habits would you get rid of? What behavior would you stop engaging in? And, who would you be? What would you do differently if no one had an opinion about your behavior?

Oftentimes, we hide who we truly are because we’re afraid of other people’s opinions, afraid of other people’s judgments of us. So, if no one had an opinion, what changes would you make? What would you do differently? How would you be different than who you are right now?

And now, for the most obvious question; what is it that you want? What goals do you have? What do you want to accomplish in this life of yours? What do you want to be remembered for?

That’s a lot of questions, I know it is. I would highly encourage you either to go back through this episode and pause with each question, write them down. Or, the much easier version of doing that, would be to just go to my website, TheLessStressedLawyer.com and there’s a transcript of this episode; you could just go and print it out, or copy and paste, the transcript so you have all the questions that I asked.

And I just encourage you to start asking and answering each one, go one by one. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself and answer all of them in one sitting, that would take you a really long time. I also highly encourage you to go to Amazon and Google, I guess not Google on Amazon, you get the drift. To go to Amazon and search for “Question Books,” and you can use them to facilitate this process of getting to know yourself a little bit better.

Sometimes, those prompts can be really helpful, just like the prompts that I gave you in this episode. And plus, if you’re like me, you like a workbook; all the better, two birds, one stone. I really want to encourage you to embark on the self-discovery journey, though. This journey of getting to know exactly who you are; the good, the bad, the in-between, all of it.

Knowing who you are is crucial to living a life with more fulfillment. To creating that life you’re obsessed with. To really living life on your terms. If you don’t want to embark on this journey alone, you don’t have to. I want to invite you to join The Less Stressed Lawyer Mastermind; that’s my signature group-coaching program.

And when you’re in it, you’re going to embark on this journey with me. All right? I’m going to facilitate you getting to know yourself at the deepest, most intimate level. I’m going to help you create a life that’s in alignment with your preferences. I’m going to help you discover who you are, what you want, and what you don’t want. And, I’m going to help you become the version of you that you want to become.

The new year is upon us, it’s gonna be here before we know it. And, I want to make sure that you have your personal development journey for 2023 dialed in, locked in, all figured out. All right? I have a few spots remaining, the Mastermind enrollment will close as soon as they fill. So, don’t wait. Go to my website, TheLessStressedLawyer.com/mastermind, and apply to join, right now.

The Mastermind kicks off with an in-person retreat. We’re going to spend February 1-4 in Charleston, masterminding together, workshopping. I’m going to teach you so much stuff that’s going to facilitate the self-discovery journey for you. I’m going to teach you how to figure out who you are, why you do the things you do, why you feel the way you feel, why you think the way you think, and why you have the results that you have.

And then, we’re going to go to work. Once we figure out exactly who you are, and what you want, and what you like, and what you want more of. We’re gonna go to work creating it. It starts at that in-person retreat, in Charleston. And then, we continue that work over the next six months together.

We meet once a week for our weekly group calls. And then, in between our sessions, you’ve got access to the Facebook group, so you get all the support you need. On this journey of becoming more of who you want to be, of becoming more of who you are inside, of growing in and becoming that version of yourself, it would be my absolute honor to have you in the Mastermind.

I would love to be alongside you as you discover who you are, who you want to be and become that version of you. All right? So, head to my website, TheLessStressedLawyer.com/mastermind, and go get in there; join the upcoming round. I do not want you to spend another year not knowing who you are, not being the person you want to be.

So, this work starts now. Also, don’t forget, as I mentioned earlier, make sure you sign up for the webinar that I’m doing: “How to Stop Tolerating and Change Your Life,” which is on December 16, at 12pm. Eastern. That’s going to be a great way to kick off figuring out what you’re doing in the new year; what you want more of, what you want less of, and why you’re getting in your own way and preventing yourself from having the life that you truly want.

Go sign up for that. Apply to join the Mastermind, and we’ll be off to the races in the new year. I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

Alright my friends. That’s what I have for you this week. I will talk to you in the next episode. Have a beautiful week.

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